Linux International is an organization of Linux Users around the world which globally promotes Linux to computer users and organizations. It also encourages software developers to port and write software for Linux.

Linux International states that its role is to project Linux into the commercial spotlight and see it gain more exposure as the robust, quality operating system that it has become.

Linux International is a not-for-profit organization which welcomes donations from anyone. Donations are distributed to deserving developers to further increase the pace, and quality of Linux's technical progress.

Along with individual contributions, Linux International also welcomes company sponsors. Corporate Members contribute $250 annually and receive a short listing in Linux International's flyer. Sponsoring Corporate members pay $1000 annually and receive a longer listing in the flyer. The only sponsoring corporate member as of March, 1995 is WorkGroup Solutions, Inc. More corporate and sponsoring corporate members are desired.

Linux International had a booth at the March `95 UniForum in Dallas, Texas, with volunteers staffing the booth passing out information about Linux and Linux products and answering questions from new and long-time Linux users.

For more information on Linux International, contact [email protected] or WWW: