Major System Calls

socket() Create network endpoint.

bind() Associate a network address with a previously created socket.

listen() Listen for and queue incoming connection requests.

accept() Accept a connection request fork servicing if one is available; otherwise, wait for one to become available and then accept.

connect() Initiate a connection to a remote socket (which must already exist and have an address bound to it).

shutdown() Terminate socket connection immediately.

send() Send UDP message through a given socket.

recv() Receive a UDP message from a given socket.

select Check a set of file descriptors to see if any can be read from or written to.

setsockopt() Change communication parameters on a socket.

sigaction() Change process behaviour to receipt of asynchronous signals.

close() Close one end of a socket connection.

setsid() Change process' session identifier

recvfrom() Receive message from a given UDP socket.

sendto() BSD: sendmsg() Send a message from a given UDP socket.