Linux Distribution Chart


* - With an upgrade available when Debian 1.1 is released.

** - Advertised in the manual, but did not appear to support 3C589B PCMCIA ethernet, and the standard PCMCIA support files weren't on either of the PCMCIA boot/root disks. There was no documentation for how to use the PCMCIA installation.

*** - Debian support for the Alpha, Amiga, and Atari is underway.

^ - Debian is working on a Sparc version, and Red Hat currently plans to do a Sparc version.

^^ - Linux Universe keeps all configuration files in /etc, so it can be completely upgraded by backing up /etc (and any other files you want to keep, such as those in /home and /usr/local), installing the new version, and restoring the backup of /etc.

^^^ - Without version dependencies, since packages don't have versions.