The Linux Expo would never have been a reality without the work of Alois Camenzind, who was the driving force behind the project. Further, we are thankful for the help from our section, SYBS, which provided the Compaq PCs for running Linux. Also, thanks to Red Hat, Linux Journal and SSC for providing material and software.

Finally, thanks to the people who spent so much time preparing the hardware, setting up the software, keeping an eye on the Expo during during the month and preparing the displays. In alphabetic order:

Joe Amman, Joe.Amman@Ubs.CH

Alois Camenzind, Alois.Camenzind@Ubs.CH

Thomas Oettli, Thomas.Oettli@Ubs.CH

Jurg Wanner, Jurg.Wanner@Ubs.CH

Hansjorg Zurcher, Hansjurg.Zurcher@Ubs.CH