As we are going to press, Caldera has acquired technologies from Lasermoon the change the game. Lasermoon, with their Linux-FT was the first version of Linux to get POSIX.1 certification. Caldera has acquired the rights to this technology and with the help of Linux Support Team or Erlangen, Germany will be packing a new version of Linux called Caldera Open Linux which will be based on the Linux 2.0 kernel. Caldera's plans are to get POSIX.1 certification for this new product and then go on to get POSIX.2 and finally X/Open brand for UNIX 95.

By the time you read this article Linux-FT will most likely be no longer available. We elected to leave it in the article as it helps explain what technology Caldera will be including in their new product.

Linux continues to evolve and no matter when we do an article like this, something will change between the time the article is written and the magazines are distributed. The Linux Journal Linux Buyer's Guide, which will be out in February, 1997, will offer updated reviews.