The Weather Outside Is Frightful (Or Is It?)

Blistery cold weather is sinking in, which ought to ignite an instinctual desire to get your house in order and monitor it so the water pipes don't freeze and burst. So, let's take a timely look at a project setting up some temperature probes in various areas, reading them and reporting in a custom dashboard. A true home automation expert would take things further by setting up relays to turn on heat tape or even maybe some actuators to control water flow. Maybe next year, but for now, we just want to be able to monitor important areas of our home (in this case a cabin in Montana) and understand temperature patterns over time for better planning. As with most projects, there is more than one solution, especially if it depends on what you have on hand. At the time, the list of things in hand were as follows:

  • 4x temperature sensors (thermocouples).

  • 1x RS-232 thermocouple module, specifically the DGH D5331.

  • 1x TS-7500 single board computer with TS-752 and enclosure.

  • 1x USB thumbdrive for storage.

  • Various wiring, including Ethernet.

  • 1x DB9 male to RJ45 female adapter.

  • 1x web server (desktop, virtual machine or cloud-based).

If you're interested in doing something like this, I'd look into using any temperature sensor that uses the DS18B20 IC (or something like it) and use the TS-1700 temperature sensor module with modbus and TS-7680 single board computer. You'd save some money and double the number of temperature sensors you could use.

Overall, image below shows what we're looking to build.