Silicon Mechanics Wins Intel Custer Ready Explorer Award

Silicon Mechanics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of rackmount servers, storage, and high-performance computing hardware, announces that it has been awarded the 2012 Intel Cluster Ready Explorer Award. Presented at the annual Intel® Cluster Ready Partner Appreciation Awards held during Supercomputing 2012, this award recognizes Silicon Mechanics' commitment to high-quality turnkey cluster solutions.

Since 2008, Silicon Mechanics has been launching Intel Cluster Ready certified workgroup clusters, making the company one of Intel's longest-lasting partners in this program. Intel Cluster Ready is both an architecture and a program which lets customers match their HPC applications to today's leading platforms and components. Pre-configured cluster solutions are delivered ready to run, and certified hardware and software are assured to work smoothly together. In 2012, Silicon Mechanics continued its partnership as an Intel Xeon Processors 2500 Product Family launch partner.

Silicon Mechanics was also honored for its forward-thinking partnerships with other industry leaders: Flow Science and Dassault Systems. This year, they partnered with Flow Science to launch turnkey cluster solutions for FLOW-3D/MP customers. The cluster solution features the most advanced technology from Intel; pre-installed FLOW-3D/MP; an exclusive online configurator; and integrated Intel Cluster Ready registered software and certified hardware. It has also been validated on Intel® Xeon® processor Product Family hardware. Flow Science was also recognized for this innovative collaboration, as they received the 2012 Intel Cluster Ready Voyager Award.

Working with Dassault Systems, Silicon Mechanics also launched a turnkey cluster solution for its SIMULIA customers. These systems run Abaqus FEA software on powerful Intel Xeon processor-based personal clusters for a comprehensive modeling and analysis solution.

"By participating in these partnerships, Silicon Mechanics has really helped move the HPC industry forward," said Brock Taylor, Intel® Cluster Ready Manager, "With their cluster expertise they have designed solutions using the latest-generation Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 Series Processors to deliver dramatic increases in performance in FLOW-3D®/MP computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model analysis. They've used powerful Intel® Xeon® processor-based personal clusters to run Abaqus FEA software and take advantage of its optimized parallel performance, and in addition they have helped simplify deployment and use of the solution. Their collaborative, enthusiastic spirit and dedication to making innovation accessible are real assets to Intel and the industry helping us enable more people to use HPC for bigger and better results."

"We are honored to receive this recognition from Intel," said Eva Cherry, President and CEO of Silicon Mechanics, "Silicon Mechanics is a customer-first company, and so we have always appreciated how the Intel Cluster Ready program makes it easier for our customers to gain the performance advantages of HPC clusters. In addition, being able to bring the work of innovators like Flow Science and Dassault Systems to more users has been rewarding and enlightening."