newbie here. i'm currently taking a linux class and have an assignment and am having problems. the assignment is to create a shell script.
the instructions are to log in and create a directory called "scripts" in my home directory. then i am to open the text editor and create a script that displays the date, who is logged on and the current directory.
then we are to run the command using the bash command.

here is what i wrote.

#this is a comment

when i try to run it, it won't run.

i have tried it both logged in as a user and as root.
i have also changed the permissions using chmod 755 script1

the next step after we run it is to change the permissions to what i already changed it to. we are then asked to run the script by typing in just the script name (script1).
we then have to add echo escape sequences so that each item appears on a new line.

there is more but if i can get this to work i might be able to finish it.

thanks for any advice.