I 've a problem with my net.
I've xubuntu 7.10, on a pc with 2 ethernet cards.
I want create a server with firewall

ip eth0=n,m,0,254
ip eth1=n,m,1,2
gateway(n,m,0,254) _____ server
my net--->(layer n,m,0,x)-->|eth0 |
| | gateway eth1
|_eth1|--->layer n,m,1,x----------->(modem adsl)--->INTERNET
ip n.m.1.1
I can configure both eth0 e eth1 but i cannot configure the route between the two cards (I need to see internet in my net..) I can see from the server internet...
How can i create the route between eth0 and eth1? I've tried with: route add -net n,m,0,254 netmask gw n,m,1,1 but it says that the netmask is unuseful and when i don't give the netmask this become automatically ....
Please help me..