Like to code? Like linux? An artist? This is for you!

At RelaxOS we are a group of Linux fans and programmers who have a mission: to design and create the most user-friendly and functional operating system. What this means is we plan to redesign many aspects of a common Linux operating system.

RelaxOS is sponsored by MicroGeeks Design, a startup company that plans to sell computers pre-installed with Linux. They believe strongly in the power of the Linux community. They have set up this website so that developers, artists, users, and more can create, use, and contribute to RelaxOS.

If you are interested in helping, there are a number of things you can do. First, you should register to the forums if you haven't already. Next, if you are interested in coding for the project, you should PM me explaining your skills and why you wish to help. If you're an artist, you can participate in our logo design contest. Finally, if you are a user, you can wait to test out software and eventually the betas of our distribution.


Yes, that's cheesy. But if you'd like to help, we'd sure enjoy having you!

Languages we're looking for:
Any other languages are welcome as well! So don't think we just want these, the more the merrier!

Also, we'd like to stress that we have no desire to take away from any other distribution out there, they all contribute, we take the best ideas and do what we think is best with it. [b]We plan to give back to the Ubuntu and Linux Mint communities.[/b]