dear sir,
i'm deni yulianti and student of telecommunication engineering in private college in indonesia and i'm doing my final project right now. the tittle of my final project is "burden traffic aggregation on multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) networking”. i using linux fedora core 5 as operating system. i use software traffic generator mtools, mpls-linux and matlab.. i don't know what type of mtools suit with fedora core 5 and how to install and configuration in order to result traffic aggregation. With this software (traffic generator mtools, I’ll set shape parameter value (alpha), bursty time value , idle time value , number of source that i use. and i'll count hurst value in client side with matlab.. i'm really know the script in server in order to result traffic aggregation with using traffic generator mtools and tupe of traffic generator mtools tahat very suitable in fedora core 5 operating system.. please help me....this's my email address :
thank you very much for your attention.

sincerely yours,

deni yulianti