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We offer GPRS Linux Embedded Controller called NPE.

Device from the NPE series is the industrial computer, equipped with the efficient processor RISC ARM9 with preinstalled in the Flash memory operating system Linux ver. 2.6. The computer is equipped with the Ethernet 10/100 BaseT port, two RS-232 ports, RS-485 port, 8 binary inputs and SD cards reader. The NPE computer cover is especially adapted to the installation in difficult industrial conditions on the DIN bus, and assures quick and comfortable installation in the target location. The relatively small dimensions and the IP21 standard cover, no moving parts (fans, discs) assure the failure-free operation in the industrial objects as well as in various cabinets. Moreover, the NPE computer may be optionally produced in versions with enhanced operational temperature range (-25 ¸ 70°C).

Currently, the automation, telecommunication and supervision systems require the independent control or devices monitoring with the RS232 and RS-485 interfaces, or equipped with the standard interfaces, like the binary or analogue inputs-outputs. It becomes the real challenge, when it is necessary to use the autonomous solution, which enables the independent work with the devices with serial ports without loading the central computer. In such situations the industrial computer from the NPE series is the perfect solution, which may independently perform most of activities, e.g. change data through the serial ports, perform the data analysis in the real time, buffer the collected information, communicate through IP, visualize the process through the Web site and many other functions, according to the user’s needs.

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