Hello world,

I'm starting a crazy challenge and need your help !

Here is the very simple idea:

I bought a small Tux (about 12 or 15cm height) that everybody can easily carry with him The goal is to make this Tux travelling around the world from hand to hand and make it end on Linus Torvalds' desk.
Why should we do that ? As a thanks, and to show the world that Linux is not only a chain of codes but also a human community.

How Tux travels:

1- Through the dedicated website, you make contact with an other voluntary
2- It doesn't matter if Tux is going 1km or 100, it just have to move, and if it is blocked somewhere, it can just go back and take an other way in others hands.
3- To ensure we are moving Tux, we will have a password system:
The first one choose a «password», this password must change every third person who have Tux. The one who must change the password have to contact one of the webmaster to define a new password and will have to give the old one, which he will have received with Tux.
The passwords will be only free software names.
4- Each one who had Tux takes a picture of him with it. And indicate to the webmasters where, and when he gave Tux to someone else. And of course gives the picture so we can all see Tux, as we will all miss it...

We need for that project :
1- (OK) - The Tux (we got it) and a gnu.
2- (OK) - Somewhere to host the website, the website, and some webmasters to do it.
3- (OK) - Some translators to show every one in his language, the informations about when is Tux.
4- A map updated with the Tux travel (OK, it's in process now)
5- (OK) - Define the end point for Tux and Gnu (the desk of the boss : LT & RMS)

Torvalds :
He is living in Beaverton, Oregon, US with his wife and his three daughters. He is working fr the Open Source Development Lab, which is financed by some company sailing Linux.

Thanks by advance to all who will be part of the Tux's trip.

We now need someone for the point 4 !

The Tux's Trip website will be here :
and the Gnu website here :
(in construction for now)