Linux Journal 2.0 FAQ

Q. When is the first comeback issue?

A. March 2018. Subscribers can expect to see the first issue in their inboxes mid-March. Going forward, issues will be released by the 5th of each month.

Q. What will Linux Journal 2.0 look like?

A. Monthly digital issues are back, and we listened to your suggestions on how to make them even better. We are adding a Deep Dive article series in each issue that explores a topic in-depth—think of it like an ebook inside each magazine. In addition to depth, you also asked for breadth, so in along with the Deep Dive, we are making the magazine bigger overall with more articles in each issue on a wider range of topics.

Q. In what formats will Linux Journal be available?

A. PDF and epub. The magazine layout is optimized for digital viewing.

Q. How can I subscribe?

A. Subscribe at

Q. How much is a subscription?

A. $34.50 for a one-year, 12-issue subscription. Because we have a better grasp of magazine economics since our rebirth, we have increased the price (as gently as possible) to ensure the continued success of Linux Journal. The upside: each issue will be much longer than you previously came to expect and will include a Deep Dive section within the pages. More Linux Journal all around!

Q. I’m already a subscriber to Linux Journal. What happens to my subscription?

A. Your subscription froze when we ceased publication; your last issue served was November 2017. You will not miss any issues on your subscription term. Your subscription unfreezes with the comeback March 2018 issue.

Q. I had an iTunes app subscription to Linux Journal. What happens to that?

A. Apple does not provide publishers with subscriber contact information so we are a bit in the dark here. In fact, it's one of the reasons we will no longer distribute through iTunes going forward. But, don't worry: simply contact us,, with a copy of your iTunes receipt, and we’ll reactivate your subscription to our other digital offerings. And if you can’t find your receipt, still contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Q. No more apps?

A. No more apps-- no more proprietary anything. We are instead putting our energies in to working on a really beautiful, responsive mobile site that will be available to all starting in April.

Q. How is the web site redesign coming along?

A. As mentioned just above, we are currently working on building a responsive mobile site and we are of course working on a new too. We're in the process of migrating from Drupal 6 to 8. Along with introducing a new, more simplified look, you can also look forward to a few new features on the new site. It is slated to roll out some time in April (for anyone who has been through a Drupal migration, you may appreciate this interesting fact: we have over 12,000 articles to migrate -- wow).

Q. How do I access the digital archive?

A. Subscribers can log in to our digital archive dating back to April 2005 at We plan to release access to all issues dating back to 1994 to subscribers in the coming months.

Q. How do I contact customer service?

A. Email or call 1-818-487-2089.

Q. I want to write for Linux Journal. Where do I start?

A. We are always excited to welcome new authors and ideas. Send your proposal or article idea to

Q. Why do I not see any advertising on the Linux Journal site?

A. Digital privacy/digital responsibility. We've wiped all advertising off the Linux Journal site and from the magazine and are starting with a clean slate. When we go back to running ads, they won't be of the spying kind you find on most sites, generally called "adtech". The one form of advertising we are willing to bring back is sponsorship. That's where advertisers support Linux Journal because they like what we do and want to reach our readers in general. At their best, ads in a publication and on a site like Linux Journal provide useful information as well as financial support. There is symbiosis there. Email publisher if you're interested in talking about Linux Journal sponsorship.