Go Purple for Pentium Pro!

In light of the recent switchover to BeOS as the operating system focus here at BeOS Journal, we'd like to start the "Purple for Pentium Pro" campaign. The Pentium Pro processor is often scoffed at by the modern OSes, but BeOS runs on them like a champ.

To support the PfPP campaign, just change the color scheme on your website to purple today. No need for that new fangled CSS stuff -- just set your background to purple. Leave a link to your Purple for Pentium Pro website in the comment section, and you'll automatically be entered into a drawing for a FREE Pentium Pro computer, capable of running BeOS!

Note: Free computer voucher redeemable at local landfill, dusty storage closet, or a nerd's mother's basement near you.

Care to weigh-in on the change? We're on irc.freenode.net #beosjournal (and #linuxjournal just for good measure), join us. (Or just click here to chat on the IRC channel in your web browser.)

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