Fabulous Virtual Window Manager Sees First Release in Five Years


After five years, a new stable release of FVWM has finally been announced. FVWM is a lightweight and fast window manager still used by a few distributions and offered as an option on several. This landmark release brings several new and improved features.

Some of the new features include:

  • Extended Window Manager Hints support allows the use of docks, widgets, and such.
  • Colorset used to define color, gradient, transparency, etc. in specific areas of themes, backgrounds, icons, etc.
  • WindowStyle command used to segregate styles to individual elements
  • Unmanaged command used to separate any window from FVWM control
  • FocusStyle allows focus stealing
  • Window states can be used to perform functions on similar groups
  • XFT font are support
  • Module dynamic actions allow changes while running
  • Menu now uses XDG specifications
  • PNG/SVG support for icons
  • Mouse gestures and window-specific key / mouse bindings
  • Lots of new style options for themers
  • A new script to upgrade FVWM 2.4 configuration files
  • Support for Xinerama, XRender, and Xcursor

FVWM 2.6.0 was released April 15 and a follow-up bugfix, 2.6.1, was released April 16. F doesn't really stand for Fabulous. Tradition says F used to stand for Feeble, but the actual meaning has been lost. Today F doesn't stand for anything. Austrumi is one distribution that relies upon FVWM for its desktop.

Helpful links:

FVWM Homepage
FVWM Forums
Full Release Announcement

FVWMDefault FVWM 2.6.0 desktop
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