Dig news:

The PHP is one of the famous social networking tools are developed by PHP and MySQL. We are providing the service in the PHP site. We have lot of experience in the PHPFOX, LAMP consulting and web technologies. Currently we are working in the open source tool and web technologies. Our web technologies are related to the php, asp, jsp, Java, and more web technologies. We have mod is dig news mod. This is mod is used for the all about user posted contents. Every story is submitted and voted by the members. It's an excellent tool to boost up your site's niche market. This tool is very like user from social community site. Our product is like CMS, adserver consulting tool and etc.

Generic Features

  • RSS
  • Detailed Upcoming News box at member's index page
  • All settings are now done from admin panel
  • CSS page panel navigation
  • New Search Button Layout


  • Editors can be chosen from the Admin Panel as: None, New Editor or Tiny MCE.
  • Editor's detailed settings can be changed directly from the Admin Panel.
  • Template Theme selection as "Standard" or "Lite (loads 4x faster than standard)"
  • Resizeable Editing Area.
  • Insert Youtube embed videos easily by URL.
  • Clean, intuitive interface.
  • Supported browsers: IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Netscape, etc.
  • File manager for uploading images, flash videos or any other files.
  • Users will have their own private directories for uploading/keeping their own files.
  • Users can create subdirectories to organize their files.