Toronto has a lot going on, especially if you are into Linux. For those in your family who are not into Linux there is lots to do for them as well.

First we have the Free Software and Open Source Symposium in Toronto, Oct 23/24.


A list of the presentations are here: http://fsoss.senecac.on.ca/2008/?q=node/14

Then there is the Ontario Linux Fest on October 25.


A list of the presentations is here: http://onlinux.ca/topics/OLF2008

You could not find a better week to be in Toronto since the Blue Jays won the World Series. But what about your significant other who may not care to be at a computer conference? Toronto has great shopping, shows, parks, museums, and art galleries.

Do you like Castles built by eccentrics? we have one here.
Do you like dinosaur bones? We have them at the Royal Ontario Museum along with lots of other neat stuff.
Fine art your thing? The Art Gallery of Ontario is one of the great galleries of the world.
Live theater? lots of that too.
We have great restaurants as well.

Check out the Toronto Tourism Website at:


There is always lots to see and do in Toronto. Our Linux conferences are just an extra reason to come.