my name is Kastiro Malcolm. i am in my final year pursuing a Bachelors degree in Information Technology. I am also embarking on a Project. it is similar to the one at this link http://new.linuxfocus.org/English/December2005/article390.html

An ad hoc Mobile office using open source Technology.

We are planing on doing everything in Suse10.3. Basically the whole concept of our project to for disaster response kind of thing where by in case there is a natural calamity where info sharing is vital, one would need an all in one solution box, set it up ASAP & begin to function
the basic functionalities we wanted to add include;

* VoIP
* File sharing
* Remote backup
* User authentication
* Printing
* Net sharing
* To mention but a few

Basically, what we want to achieve this and be able to have office capabilities regardless of where one is but using Suse.

I don't know if ad hoc is the way forward because we are looking at an all in one solution box which to the best of my knowledge would be easily implemented in Server-Client model. It is possible to have Linux inter operate with Windows in case of ad hoc. I would appreciate any help render. Thanks.