Hi.. I have had my Acer for 13 months and love it.. however, the other day I was on the internet and it crashed... the only way to get things moving was to hold down the power button, thus turning it off and then on again.

This was the start of the problem. The laptop then refused to boot up at all... i kept trying and now it does boot, but the TASK BAR and the INTERNET/MAIL will not work /appear.

There is a white box with a 'star' in it that says 'item not configured' alongside the 'Internet' section of the screen display.

The rest of the system works. ie I can view files, use Office and the games... but cannot use the internet and as mentioned.. I have no taskbar..

I do not have a USB CDRom... please help me get this issue resolved as this is a machine I use for working on the move.