An Invitation to Participate in a Linux Consultant Survey

by Ken Hess

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Linux Consultant
survey. If you haven't sent in your responses, there's still time. The
deadline for posting information is December 15th. Get
your information in and your opinions heard. And, if you know anyone who
is a Linux consultant or if you've hired one in the past, please pass
this article along to him or her.

As I originally stated when we first announced the survey on the
LJ site, I have been a Linux Consultant for the
past ten years. This position has given me a
unique perspective on the uses, abuses and complaints that exist out in
the populace concerning Linux. I have my own stories and opinions,
too--as well as prejudices. What I would like to do now is find out your opinions,
complaints and solutions regarding the use of Linux in your consulting business.

To do this, I have created an on-line interview, located
here. My goal
is to collect data and provide a summary of the results, along with
a few select anecdotes from the interviews, in a future issue of
Linux Journal or on the Linux
Web site.

Please fill out the form only once. All entries and URLs will be verified
for authenticity before being summarized for the article. If you have
questions or comments, you can write to me at

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