Product of the Day: Gwavix - Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus Solution

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Product: Gwavix - Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus Solution

Manufacturer: GWAVA

Address: 100 Alexis Nihon Rd., Suite 500 , Montreal, QC, H4M 2P1, Canada

Telephone: 514-639-4850


Moving Your Groupwise E-mail Client to Linux: Here Is an Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus Solution

The past year the Linux market saw the entry of Novell to the marketplace. One of their products Groupwise an established email client has been ported to Linux as part of this major shift in strategy. It is natural that the Novell partners will also follow suit. GWAVIX , the first Linux-based Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus Solution for Novell GroupWise has been introduced by Gwava, a Montreal based company from Canada's La Belle province Quebec.

GWAVIX is deployed on dedicated hardware located at the SMTP gateway. GWAVIX uses multiple Anti-Virus engines to scan each email and deploys Anti-Spam Heuristics to insure the highest level of effectiveness against spam. GWAVIX and GWAVA are fully compatible and complimentary technologies. They are designed to run together in order to provide unparalleled protection for GroupWise from the inside and from the outside. GWAVIX can also be configured to reroute IMS.

GWAVIX is designed for organizations looking to move critical messaging infrastructure to the Linux platform. Linux provides a cost-effective OS platform that allows GWAVIX to deliver an automated email security solution. Automatic updates to GWAVIX guarantee that the Operating System, GWAVIX components, Anti-Virus updates and security patches are up to date.

Spam Management

GWAVIX has several Spam features allowing you to manage the load of unsolicited e-mails into your organization in a number of ways. Spam is a threat to some, an inconvenience to others. GWAVIX allows you to manage your Spam accordingly.

As e-mail passes through the GWAVIX unit, the header, subject line, sender and content is analyzed for known patterns found in unsolicited e-mails. Each e-mail is given a "spam status score" which is added to the e-mail's header. If the score is above a value of 4 it is likely to be Spam. If it's above 6 there is a very high probability that it is Spam.

GWAVIX gives you a flexible degree of control over your unsolicited e-mail. You can block entire domains from sending you e-mail, quarantine or add additional text to the subject line of e-mails tagged as Spam, or utilize the spam status scores in each e-mail header to filter unsolicited mail in detail using other applications, such as your mail agent.

E-mail Blocking Rules

GWAVIX has a number of e-mail blocking rules built into it. They include a list of attachment types commonly associated with viruses, a list of blocked subject lines and protection against MIME exploits. We understand that different businesses have different requirements, GWAVIX allows you to customize its blocking rules to meet your company's needs.

GWAVIX allows you to customize aspects of the service giving you the opportunity to manage the load of blocked or quarantined e-mails in a way that best suits your needs. You can customize the following:

  • Characteristics of warning e-mails

  • Warning sent to the intended recipient of a virus or illegal attachment

  • Warning sent to the sender of a virus or illegal attachment

  • Warning sent to the recipient of a quarantined Spam message

  • Footer appended to all incoming and outgoing e-mails

So if you are company that is sitting on the fence about Linux and you have been influenced by all the disinformation from Microsoft, you can look to Novell and their partners to provide you with an enterprise class Linux solution. You a can download a 30 day FREE trial of the GWAVIX software off their web site.

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