WorldWatch Week in Review

by Willy Smith

This week on WorldWatch.LinuxGazette, the most popular article came from Bulgaria's neighbor, Romania. The article covers two topics: whereas this month Microsoft inked a three-year contract with the Romanian government, next month the entrepreneurs in that country will be busy getting a taste of Linux and FLOSS at the first Linux Hardware and Software Solutions Expo in Bucharest.

We also covered articles by Bill Glahn and Keith Gordon, who announced the death of the RIAA because of its failure to change with the times and its heavy-handed legal tactics. Also from the legal and "intellectual property" scene, we published Groklaw's reply to SCO's Darl McBride.

On more general and philosophical notes, we briefly reviewed Taran Rampersad's site, which is from Trinidad and Tobago. Taran's site includes a number of interesting essays and even some poetry. I appreciate readers such as Taran who bring their sites and thoughts to my attention, and welcome others to do the same.

I also linked to and commented on some articles about Internet security and its implications. I believe each and every person should spend some "quality time" thinking about this topic, as it has great implications vis-à-vis our personal responsibility to the society in which we live. The resources presented are interesting and should provoke a lot of thought if you take the time to read and digest their implications.

Willy Smith is Editor in Chief of WorldWatch.

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