DMCA vs. Ham Radio?

by Jay Sulzberger

Ham radio operator and webmaster Brett Wynkoop is scheduled to speak on "Threats to Amateur Radio in the Digital Age" at a New York City Amateur Radio Emergency Services meeting on Thursday, January 16, at 7:00 p.m. The meeting will be held at the American Red Cross, 150 Amsterdam Avenue & 66th Street in Manhattan. It is free and open to the public.

This presentation will cover the DMCA, Digital "Rights Management", the Sonny Bono Act and how they are being used to stop free speech, research and progress in the useful arts and sciences. Attendees will also learn how these laws, combined with other proposals, nullify any person's Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights and how this can lead to a de facto ban on research into digital communications by ham radio operators. We will also discuss what you can do to protect your rights today and tomorrow.

Brett Wynkoop, WA3YRE, is a veteran fighter on the new civil rights front of the digital age. He operates and a small computer consulting business from the Park Slope home he shares with his wife, Kathleen; cat, Marisa; and rabbit, Coco. He was originally licensed in 1972 as WN6URI, then WB6URI. He has been involved in emergency communications since obtaining his novice license. He was net control for the San Diego County slow speed CW net on 3725 Khz. After upgrading to a general class license, he started the San Diego County 10 Meter phone traffic and emergency net. He has worked on emergency communications during California brush fires, east cost hurricanes and other situations both large and small. He loves to tinker with antennas and simple one-evening electronic projects.

Editor's note: There is a nationwide blood shortage, so if you'd like to thank the Red Cross for providing the meeting space, please check the Red Cross site for instructions on how to donate blood.

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