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Product: The DNA ModuleManufacturer: Matrix DynamicsAddress: 501 Doylestown Road               Lansdale, Pennsylvania 19446Telephone: 215-343-9780URL:

Matrix Dynamics is a privately owned company located in Lansdale, PA, just North of Philadelphia. The company is comprised of experienced and dedicated hardware specialists whose mission is to provide innovative solutions to the complex issues facing today's developmental marketplace. This effective team of skilled professionals has years of experience in providing successful solutions to business and industry specializing in design and manufacturing of electronic solutions. With such a blend of experience and expertise, Matrix Dynamics has the ability to understand developer's needs firsthand and can assist in product development and application integration efforts. To reach our objective, Matrix Dynamics focused on the need to provide an integrated hardware platform that offers more I/O, uses less power, is smaller, and above all, costs less. Success! the DNA Module (Dynamic New Architecture) was born.

It's what you need!

The DNA Module can be the foundation for any project using the features and flexibility of individual components that were selected based upon the most reliable, advanced technology available. Whether the developer's end product is a hand held PC, internet product, industrial controller or human-machine interface, DNA's excellent integration/size ratio, makes it ideally suited to make the developer's job much easier and eliminate the costly, risky, and time-consuming process of developing a custom controller. Thanks to its compactness, simplicity, reliability, and low cost, the DNA Module is practical to be used as a "stand-alone" controller or can be easily embedded directly within existing products, taking the place of on-hand larger, less functional boards. Matrix Dynamics offers developers the added expertise and scope needed to assist them with even their most demanding connectivity needs and application-specific requirements to provide a low risk, cost-effective and rapid product launch.

Dedicated Mission

In today's marketplace the time between product conception and product availability needs to be as short as possible. Most embedded modules are geared towards a particular type of product or industry; however, the underlying need for development speed is inherent in any of these projects. Similar to any sound structure, embedded products are built on a foundation. It was Matrix Dynamics' dedicated mission to provide the development industry with a powerful yet cost-effective basic structure that could be used as the foundation for any project. Knowing that features and flexibility are the necessary parts of any well-designed SBC, the selection process strived to include as many cutting edge features as possible using the most advanced technology available to provide the best results. Matrix Dynamics' stringent design criteria meant that each individual component was chosen based on power consumption, range, output, and cost. So while all of the standard features that are expected (and even required) on a core module are there, the DNA Module has quite a few "extra ingredients" that boosts processing power in consideration of both present and future embedded applications. These innovations allow fast, smart, and low-cost solutions affording a complete system on a single, small printed-circuit board. This effort closes the gap between product design cycles of electronic processor systems and allows the developer to have an "all-in-one" solution for less cost, using less space, in less time.

More Specifics

To help get things started quickly and efficiently, Matrix Dynamics new DNA Module Development Kit offers developers a DNA Module-based package that provides everything needed for less cost.

The DNA Development Kit
  • DNA Module

  • Software Development Kit CD

  • Documentation

  • Power Supply

  • Aluminum Briefcase for Storage

DNA Module Basic Feature Summary
  • 206 MHz Intel SA-1110 Strongarm System-on-a-chip Processor

  • LCD Controller / Touch Screen Support

  • PCMCIA Slot

  • 64 MB SDRAM

  • 64 MB Flash RAM

  • Multiple Serial Ports

  • USB / Modem Support

  • Audio Input / Output

  • External Keypad Interface

  • 16 Channel A-to-D Converter

    • 24 Bits No Missing Codes

    • 4k Bytes of Flash Memory

    • Programmable Data Output up to 1k Hz

    • On Chip Calibration

    • Accuracy 0.2%

  • 16 Digital I/O

  • 4 Channels DAC (8 Bit Resolution)

  • Expansion Bus: High Density Connector with Available Signals for Full Integration to PC/104 Capability

  • Permanent Identification

    • 64k Bit Memory Serializations

    • Write Once, Read Many

    • Insures Unaltered Critical Data (e.g. Calibration, Product ID, Maintenance)

  • Small Size: 2.75" x 2.5" x 0.75"

  • Low Power Requirements:

    • Input Power: 4.5 to 28 Volts DC

    • Under 1 Amp

    • No Non-Std. Power Supply Required

  • JTAG Support for Board Testing

  • Supported by Embedded LINUX OS

Very Low Price!
  • Development Kit $950.00 U.S.

  • Board Level Pricing (in quantity)< $300.00 U.S.


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