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Product: BX Pro 6Manufacturer: Integrated Computer SolutionAddress: 201 Broadway               Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139Telephone: 617-621-0880E-mail: sales@ics.comURL:

BX Pro is a direct manipulation graphical tool for building, prototyping and testing graphical user interfaces.

With BX Pro, you can:

  • Use C, C++, ViewKit, Java or UIL source code

  • Manipulate UI objects

  • Generate totally portable Motif code

Why BX Pro?

User interfaces are hard to develop, and just when you think you're done, your end users always want "minor" changes.

Within 30 minutes of installing Builder Xcessory PRO, you will be designing professional quality user interfaces that can be easily modified to satisfy even the most demanding end user.

Designed to scale to the most sophisticated user interfaces, the visual development environment of Builder Xcessory PRO makes it usable by developers of all experience levels.

With the New BX PRO 6.0 you get:

  • Support for Motif 2.1

  • Support for ViewKit 2.1

  • A Redesigned User Interface

  • More and better widgets

  • Greater ease of use

  • Almost no learning curve

  • Large project support

  • Complete object oriented development

Builder Xcessory supports all popular UNIX workstations and major commercial Linux distributions providing you with a wide range of development and deployment options.

Applications built with Builder Xcessory can even be ported to Windows with our optional BX/Win SDK.

Visit and download a free 30-day evaluation kit. If you don't want to download the evaluation kit, call us right now, and we'll send you a copy!


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