Linux Journal's On-line Buyer's Guide Released

by Richard Vernon

SSC has published a yearly buyer's guide in print form for many years now and last year's Buyer's Guide contained over 1500 product listings. New products are introduced so quickly, however, and in such volume, that changing our buyer's guide from a print to an on-line forum made a lot of sense. By having it on-line, we can ensure information that is both up to date and searchable. It also gives us the ability to add new features, such as adding additional buyer education, as time goes on.

Listings in theLinux Journal Buyer's Guide are free and include both commercial and free products in all kinds of Linux-related categories--from system hardware to games. We invite vendors and maintainers of free software to visit the site and add their products. Updates can be made as often as necessary.

So, if you're looking for a Linux-related product, please have a look to get an idea of all the offerings before making your choice.

For further information, visit the the Linux Journal Buyer's Guide at: Also please send us your comments and let us know how we can make the guide more effective. Send e-mail to

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