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Product: RS-1200Manufacturer: RackSaver, Inc.

RackSaver Increases Computing Capacity with a New Rack-Optimized Server Design Called the RS-1200

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The new RS-1200 server chassis designed and manufactured by RackSaver will increase computing capacity up to eight times. It might be hard to imagine increasing your computing power and capability by up to eight times without also having to knock down a few walls to add square footage to your server room. RackSaver has achieved such a milestone with a new server chassis called the RS-1200.

RackSaver has created the ultra-thin RS-1200, the first 19" rack-optimized 1U server chassis to house two complete dual processor systems. Each system operates independently of each other, and resides in the same chassis to maximize the amount of computing power in rackmount cabinets. Users will stack 40 of the RS-1200's in a standard 7-foot cabinet allowing for up to 160 Intel (NasdaqNM: INTC) Pentium® III processors or 160 AMD (NYSE: AMD) AthlonMP processors in just six square-feet of floor space, with room left over for networking equipment, and power equipment. The RS-1200 can also be configured with the Intel Pentium 4 processor.

Density is a hallmark of the RS-1200 and an absolute must for data centers where space is limited. The RS-1200 is an ideal building block for constructing a high density yet very powerful supercomputer. The chassis utilizes both single and dual processor-based systems allowing for up to four processors per 1U of rackmount space. Networking capabilities range from Myricom Myrinet, Dolphin SCI, Giganet, GigE Copper and Fiber, or fast Ethernet. The RS-1200 is capable of handling up to 8 GB of RAM. Software options include Redhat 6.2, 7.1 or 7.2, Suse, Debian, Mandrake, OSCAR, Scyld Beowulf, Dolphin's Scali, and Microsoft XP, NT/2000. The systems can be pre-configured before installation, and turnkey packages are available.

Each unit employs RackSaver's patent-pending proprietary super-efficient cooling subsystem that offers extreme efficiency and reliability. Because the RS-1200 uses standard "off the shelf" components, RackSaver can offer an extremely fast turnaround time and stay within a companies budget.

The RS-1200 in almost any configuration is immediately available. The RS-1200 Configured with four Intel 1.26GHz Pentium III processors, 1GB of PC-133 SDRAM, 8MB video, four 10/100 NICs, two 20GB hard drive, starts at $3499. RackSaver also has an on-line virtual server configurator where shoppers can configure a system to their specifications and receive an instant price quote.


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