Linux Journal Announces OS Resale Auction Site

by Richard Vernon

Since Technical Editor Don Marti's article on Softman Vs. Adobe informed us of a California District Court's decision that software bundled and purchased with hardware can be resold, we here at Linux Journal have been thinking about all those folks out there aching to sell that unused software that came with some piece of hardware they purchased and are faced with the difficult task of unloading something they bought and can't use. It's not always easy to find that special someone looking to buy the software you've got to sell. It's not garage sale season, and we know that eBay's not the best place for such transactions.

So, due to the lack of a proper forum that lets sellers of such software find buyers, we decided to provide OS Resale--an auction site intended as a medium for those looking to rid themselves of unusable software that came with their computers or other hardware.

The site's services are completely free and Linux Journal does not make any money from the transactions performed there.

So break out that shrink-wrapped software, and recoup some of the money you spent on your computer and the unused programs that came with it. After all, you paid for it, you're free to sell it, and there are better looking coasters than old Windows CDs.

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