Welcome to the New Web Site

by Richard Vernon

Dear Friends and Readers,

Our hard-working webmaster, Scott Blanchard, has been active in designing a new Linux Journal web site. We have been testing it here for the last few days, but it's such a big site, with so many pages and features, we may have missed something here or there. If we have, or if the whole thing breaks due to the activity of gremlins and faeries, we ask for your bug reports as well as your patience.

We happen to know you're a patient lot because you put up with our frames site for so long. In fact, we suspect that you may be so overjoyed at our lack of frames, you may not notice any broken items. But please do report them because Scott and the other tech guys have worked long and hard, and we want the site to work perfectly.

Our new site is powered by PHP-Nuke, a GPLed tool for building dynamic web sites. PHP-Nuke has thousands of addons and themes, complete multilingual support and many features that can be activated by a simple click from your web browser. Plus, all the administration tasks are done via a web browser. All of these features make PHP-Nuke an inexpensive choice that's easily maintained and administered.

As a result, the new site features the ability to post comments, a number of counters and greater navigational ease.

We think Scott has done a great job on the site. We extend our thanks to him and everyone else who worked on it. We encourage you to look around, and please give us your feedback.

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