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analog signal: Signal transmitted in a continuous flow by electrical waves. The signal is transmitted in its original format, e.g., speech is converted to electrical vibrations.

bandwidth: Measurement of the range of frequencies available for transmitting signals. The bandwidth of a communications network is determined by subtracting the lowest frequency from the highest frequency in the combinations band, measured in bits per second. The bandwidth of a display monitor measures the frequency range to which the monitor can respond, measured in megahertz.

broadband: Local area network technology used to operate multiple communications networks on a single cable. Messages are sent as radio frequencies, which are divided allowing different networks to operate through a separate frequency on the one cable.

digital signal: Communication signal used to send information in discrete or discontinuous operations using the binary numbers 0 and 1, indicating on or off.

multiplexer: Device used to divide a single line of one speed into multiple lines of a lower speed, whose sum plus overhead equals the speed of a single line. Normally used to operate multiple terminals on a single line from the host computer.

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