PIA and Linux Journal are Announcing a $25,000 Fund

Private Internet Access has set up a fund of $25,000 to reward contributors for excellence in new essays and articles you contribute to Linux Journal!

Welcome to Linux Journal 2.0!

We're more alive than ever thanks to a rescue by readers—specifically, by the hackers who run Private Internet Access. PIA are avid supporters of freenode and the larger FOSS community. They’re also all about Linux and the rest of the modern portfolio of allied concerns: privacy, crypto, freedom, personal agency, rewriting the rules of business and government around all of those, and having fun with constructive hacking of all kinds. We couldn’t have asked for a better rescue ship to come along for us.

In addition, they aren't merely rescuing this ship we were ready to scuttle; they're making it seaworthy again and are committed to making it bigger and better than we were ever in a position to think about during our entirely self-funded past.

$25,000 Fund
created for experienced and aspiring writers
to write articles for Linux Journal
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