Working with MDB Files in Linux


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Great tools, great article

Howard's picture

I actually used the mdbtools this past summer (July 2010), and they worked like a charm.

I'm an Amateur Radio operator, and for our annual ARRL "Field Day" event, our club uses the N3FJP Field Day Logger software package (sorry, Windows-only), which utilizes the Microsoft Access .MDB format for storage. Since I was the club's Field Day chairman, it was my duty to fill out and submit the Field Day package to the ARRL. The problem was, I only use Linux and OpenBSD at home. A little judicious Google searching turned up the "mdbtools" package, which I quickly installed on my Xubuntu desktop with the "sudo aptitude install mdbtools" command. After a few minutes poking through the man pages for mdb-tables and mdb-export, I was able to export the data into a CSV file, and import it into OOo Calc for processing.

Thanks for sharing this little gem. I hope it helps others who need to interact with Microsoft Access .MDB files.

Package name

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Thanks for the video. I just want to point out that the package name on (k/x)ubuntu is mdbtools, i.e. without a dash.

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