Skype Call Recorder

 Shawn Powers shows us how to install and use Skype Call Recorder for Linux.


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Nice Looking App

metalx2000's picture

Although I don't use Skype to much any more, this looks like a Nice Program. I like that it's Open-Source and hope that it gets into the repositories soon (So much more secure then website downloading).

Noticed in the video while installing it, it said, "Licence Unknown".
I can't Find a licence on the site either.
Not a huge deal for me, as long as the Source is available.
But I hope they slap a licence (Hopefully a GPL of some sort) on there to protect the developers.
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buddy, Skype _is_ in the

Anonymous's picture

buddy, Skype _is_ in the repositories (I checked in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid). I know because that's how I installed Skype two days ago...

Skype, The recorder.

metalx2000's picture

Skype, The recorder.
Everything you ever need to know about Free Software.


megatux's picture


"Completely free (free as in freedom), released under the GNU GPL"

Thanks, That makes me feel

metalx2000's picture

That makes me feel better.
I just didn't see it before :)
Everything you ever need to know about Free Software.

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