Review: Neuros OSD

Need some helpful suggestions of what kind of things you can do with a Neuros OSD? How about getting the OSD to play nicely with Tivo? Neuros is even offering a cash bounty for the folks who get this done. See for more details.

While you're at it, make sure to sign up for Neuros' mailing list.


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Neuros OSD at

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Just a quick note to let you know I've embedded my video in today's post at I have AppleTV, but I think this device is really cool. It's also perfect for my readers. Check it out:


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Umm, what happened with the contest? The winners were supposed to be announced today.......

What about Europe?

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I would really like one but a quick search revealed no suppliers in Europe.

Retailers in Europe

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You can buy it from Maplin stores or online (not all stores of the unit yet) in the UK. You can also buy it from if you are in France. will also ship the product anywhere in Europe.

Neuros OSD

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I've had my Neuros OSD for a week now so was curious to see this weeks podcast. You failed to mention the multiple output formats the OSD is capable of recording in. Never having done it before I connected a friends PSP and recorded home video to PSP format directly onto the PSP - and it worked. Very impressive feature.

Its a great device and very portable, making it easy to take it to a friends house to playback video without lugging a laptop around. I also love the YouTube application, and will often queue up a swathe of videos for playback through my hifi while doing the housework. I've seen how dedicated younger people are at YouTubing so I'm sure this would be a popular addition to many a teenager-inhabited household.

I'm also excited by the open development model and have downloaded a vmware machine development testbed, though I've taken it no further at this point. I can see the OSD being useful for a long time to come.

Yet Another Great Review!

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I have been anxious to hear and see more about the OSD. Prior to your review it looked like it might be something I wanted. Your review has convinced me I need to pry open my wallet and get one.

Mike Roberts is a bewildered Linux Journal Reader Advisory Panelist.

OSD Neuros

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I have had the Neuros since about September and I am very happy with it. I think this is the best hardware investment I made for what it is able to offer. The hardware is fully open, the OS is Linux and there is an active community around it. I have used the device to get a whole lot of old VHS and Video8 tape contents onto a mp4 format. This has certainly helped in bringing the family together again :-). Added to that, the fact that you can stream youtube (and google video) to your TV is a significant advantage. Throw in's torrent ability, I now have so much video that I have *yet* to watch, that I have finally found a reason to watch TV.

The product is slick and well built. The remote control is programmable and I have it controlling my TV now. The OSD sits next to the TV at a corner of the living room where there is no wired net access. So, I acquired a Buffalo ethernet bridge through which I am now able to get to the web (and to Neuros for firmware updates) as well as to access the uShare/nfs/samba shares on my home network.

All in, a good deal. Highly recommended.

Harish Pillay
Singapore (yes, I use it in Singapore and handles 220V and PAL seemlessly).