Review: Acer Aspire One


Geri Druckman reviews the Acer Aspire One ultra-portable laptop.

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You can find the termial by

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You can find the termial by pressing f2 & alt together then click run gnome-terminal.
This worked great first time, but I'm now stuck with the stupid grey box AGAIN & this won't work!!!!! No one seems to have a good answer

Hi, have just been reading

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Hi, have just been reading your advice re acer aspire one about the task bar.
i have recently bought the computer and the task bar is not there but a star which says new item this is yet to be configured. do you know how i get rid of this to get the task bar back up?

missing taskbar

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samething happened to me no taskbar. i ahve a box with a star in. when i take it off the taskbar doesnt come back.

Also have this problem. F_ck

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Also have this problem. F_ck Acer and their sh_tty support!

how do you put it into

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how do you put it into safemode?

RE:toolbar missing

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I had the same problem with mine don't know how it happened but eventualy started my Acer in safe mode and problem was gone

How do you put it in safe

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How do you put it in safe mode?

Virus? Enough?

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I am in my first year of highschool and i want a light, cool, cheap (very cheap) laptop and this gives me everything i need. It needs to last my whole way through School will this be enough for me? I think it would, it has word processor, webcam, Internet, skype, msn and more already built in. Does it have ANY virus(s)? I CANNOT connect it to my main computer for different reasons, is it ENOUGH to get me through High School? I NEED HELP!


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The first step would be to type 'xfce-setting-show' in the terminal interface, your xfce settings manager should pop up,

click on the "panel" icon to access the panel manager

in panel manager interface click the drop down and delete (using the "-" button beside the drop down) all panels EXCEPT for panel 1.

This should fix the problem, hopefully this helps

Connecting to a home network

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I like my new Aspire One and I know Windows very well indeed. But I'm completely new to Linux.

Getting connected to the internet through the wireless router, and through the wire connection was easy.

However... I have a network server at home and whereas I would normally discover the network easily, I don't know how to join the home network on this little thing.

Can you help, Geri?


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How do you connect Wired Network Connection to this Laptop.
I have tried my ISP i.e Virgin media , but it does not.
Can anybody tell how I can connect or is there any tweak for virgin media.


no video or audio

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acer aspire one using xp home ed and loaded msn messenger live when i click on cam is says no audio or video availiable also use yahoo messenger cam works fine on it.any help be great thanks

Package Manager and hardware

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I have set a root password, acessed the right click desktop menu and the package manager. I want eliminate unnecessary things; like games, and some foreign language fonts etc - I do not and have no intention of using them, and want to make some HDD space.

The package manager lists all, installed, and available packages. Packages with a check mark installed, unchecked available.

If I want to eliminate all the games, etc, do I just uncheck these items and close the package manager window?

Second issue is installing hardware - like a DVD/CD-rom/burner. I have a Teac DV-24E and the supplied CD. When it is all plugged in my Acer Linux Linpus recognises the device, and files show up as setup files, exe etc. What do I do with these and which ones? I think Nero was one of them too.

I tried opening some of these but my Acer kept shutting down.


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hi, im new to linux and although i love the acer one ive only one problem and thats that i cant figure out how to download java on to it....

this may be simple but as im not linux literate im struggling to download it.

1. when i go onto the website it comes up with 4 different ones to download....which one do i need?

2. when i try to download it im unsure on how to install it because when i go to open the installer it comes up to install it via firefox...surely this isnt right?

please help as i need java to help with my uni work as some websites i use are on java and i cant access them.

Got tek bir msn

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yes, if that doesnt work, you can use
pidgin: doesnt support webcam but very solid and runs every client imaginable
amsn: msn messenger only but supports the inbuilt webcam and various other things.
mercury messenger: the most feature complete but needs sun java installing and some various other things like webcam libraries. Its also dog slow because of using java for everything.
yes dede

Linux to Windows xp

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Hi, has anyone tried to change the linux to windows xp, ive got a 1gb so i know it will take it. I have a disk with windows on which i could put on a stick but has anyone done it yet, i bought the acer for my son to use with msn messenger, ive downloaded all the live updates but it still wont open, help anyone pls..... desperate x

Hang In There

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The LINUX on the Aspire One is pretty good. There is lots of help on the Web. I tired installing XP and I must admit that the LINUX version is more solid.

Wireless finsih

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Ive just finished doing the whole live update hoping my messenger would work after doing this, but i click on it and it wont open..?
but before i did my live update i did delete something to do with messenger from the run/add programs section. Hoping i could upload another messenger then it would work but i got advised not to.

So would if be possible for you to look under 'messenger' in the add/remove programs section of the messengers you already have, and let me know of the name that comes up so i can restore it please?

thank you

RE: Help :)

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you want to help So would if be possible for you to look under 'messenger' in the add/remove programs section of the messengers you already have, and let me know of the name that comes up so i can restore it please da youtube


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OK, my problem with this thing is that after typing in my password for my wireless connection, the 'connect' button is not clickable. The letters are grey, rather than black, therefore you cannot click it :S
It recognises WLANs no problem, but after entering your password, it is impossible to go any further.
Please help

What do I need to get internet connection

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I've just bought my acer aspire one, but got cable internet on my pc at home...what do I need to buy for this little laptop for it get connection from my pc at home?

Please help,


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Hi i have a Acer Aspire 1 too.The acer is a wireless laptop therefore does not need an internet wire thing.But if you do not have a wireless router, you can always buy a wire that is either yellow or white and just plug it into your acer and your main computer(PC). I hope i've helped! for more information look on various websites.

What is the significance of

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What is the significance of a yellow or white wire? I have two wires- one grey and one blue, so will they not work?

i want to download stuff to my notebook

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i want to download some stuff to this acer aspire one notebook but the thing is its not downloading whats the best way to down stuff aswell as football manager 2008 as ive love this game an my wife keeps kicking me off the main pc which windows xp virsion anyone out there can help me at all please i begging for ya help....


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Ive seen your comment unfortunatly you cannot download programmes on the linux built in version of acers limpus light.

If your good with computers you need to look at a different operating system
such as xp as you may be able to handle many programmes.

You can certainly add

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You can certainly add programs to your acer aspire one with linux. It's pretty easy- I've added thunderbird, picasa, etc.
Here's step by step directions:

Msn messenger account on the netbook

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I purchased the netbook for my daughter thinking she could use the Instate Message system for her msn (hotmail account) but as it runs Linux software it won't accept her sign in details for her hotmail account. She has managed to use webmessenger and access and instant message her friends that way. It is a shame tho cos this is the main reason l bought it as it was sposed to support msn/yahoo/aol etc messengers all at the one stop area. Does that only work if u get the netbook with the Windows xp??? any suggestions.

it does work!

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i have had great success using the messenger utility on limpus lite (linux) for the acer aspire one, you may need to run the live update in settings tab first due to microsoft changing things...

if that doesnt work, you can use
pidgin: doesnt support webcam but very solid and runs every client imaginable
amsn: msn messenger only but supports the inbuilt webcam and various other things.
mercury messenger: the most feature complete but needs sun java installing and some various other things like webcam libraries. Its also dog slow because of using java for everything.

but like i mentioned, the inbuilt "messenger" works a treat including webcam

When on Linux... Install Linux stuff

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aMSN or emesene are the programs you are looking for... They will let you sign to your hotmail account... Trust me, I use them!

If you have more accounts, like Yahoo or GoogleTalk, you can use Pidgin. Just follow the onscreen instructions.

Now, if you are willing to use old software, you can get Wine and install MSN Messenger 7 (yup, not the latest one), but it will happen to have some annoyances due to the fact that it's Windows software and not fully working for Linux.

If you have more trouble finding Linux alternatives to Windows apps... you can visit You search the name of the program you used to use and look at the alternatives (which state if they are free).

you can download amsn for it

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you can download amsn for it off the add/remove programs i had this problem too

does anyone no how to conncet it to a network drive

How can i go on MSN?

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Hi i got a Acer A1 (above) for christmas but when i go to sign on msn it does not recognise it? I have saved the thing to download Msn but it doen't run. PLEASE HELP!!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! xxmwa

Dial Up Modem

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Some of my travels require a dial-up modem connection. What is the best way to achieve this with the Aspire One?

Connecting to work a network

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I can connect to the WIFI area fine and browse the internet at my place of work.
But although I can also connect to the network server I cannot view the server or any of the files. But the connection manager shows that I have successfully connected to the network.
Any ideas please how to enabling viewing of these files?
Oh by the way, thanks to your forum here I have successfully installed skype and icon on to my netbook. Thankyou.

acer one

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at home i use virgin broadband but when i connect my lan to the aspire it recognises that its there it searches for it then it disconnects it why is this i have tried to install the virgin drivers through the xd slot but it wouldnt load i need help asap, wiil it work through the wireless option or am i gonna have the same problem.

rdesktop app

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can you explain how to install rdesktop (or equiv) in order to connect to a winxp computer using remote desktop connection?

Use a program called

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Use a program called tsclient which is a gui for rdesktop, really easy to setup and works great

is there a ftp client for the aspire one netbook?

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hi there, i just saw you video, nice and thanx for the explanation. I am a photographer and want to use this ultra light netbook to send pictures to clients when "on the road" Do you know of such an ftp client? Which one should I use? Plus, is there a kind of photoshop ( ultra light) for a computer like this? Thankx for your answers.
regards, Michael Kooren
the Netherlands.

ftp & photoshop-lite

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* FireFTP is a cross-platform Firefox add-on works great for ftp. It's the next best thing to drag-and-drop! (
* GIMP is very powerful, cross-platform Photoshop-like program (though I don't know how 'light' it is). (
I really like both these programs. Good luck!

Aspire One Keyboard

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The keyboard on my new Aspire is better and more reliable than the one on my G4 PowerBook, its a great device. The screen is superb too. Nick

when i change my os from

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when i change my os from linux to windows xp the notebook need driver for some hardware, where i can find driver for my notebook

You can find drivers for the

Geri Druckman's picture

You can find drivers for the Acer Aspire One here:

Geri Druckman is a technology evangelist, you can follow him on twitter at or just google him - gdruckman

hi Geri

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Hi Geri duckman You can find drivers for the Acer Aspire One here: i am not entired site. Site this down you have a other site?

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printing off acer aspire one

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Hi i bought this netbook for my daughter and cant figure out how to print off it. Im not great with computers but i usually get by. My daughter loves to print pages from the net so i really need to sort this problem out before i give it to her for xmas. My laptop is a dell with windows vista so i dont have a clue about this linux system. What type of printer would work with this and do i need to install software if so how when it has no disk drive. Please could you help i would be really grateful. thanks louise


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hi there,i'm trying to install skype but its asking me for a password,is this a standar password or something else?thanks a lot

Try your system password ...

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Try your system password ... It usually asks this so you can avoid having others install software left and right!

acer one printing

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hi how do i print pages from the internet. what printer will work with this netbook. L

I can't download or set anything up!

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I was wanting to use the aspire one for photography purposes but it won't let me install anything like paintshop pro 9. It's just refusing to let me use azureus or utorrent because it wont install anything and it wont let me use msn either.
Any ideas whats going on there cause I'm debating taking it back and I've only had it a few hours

It's linux... For torrents

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It's linux... For torrents you need the linux version of the software you want to install...

So let's say you need something to touch up your photographies? Your best bet would be either installing GIMP or installing Wine and looking at the applications database to see if that particular Windows program (i.e. paint 9 or photoshop CS) works with your version of Wine.