Review: Acer Aspire One


Geri Druckman reviews the Acer Aspire One ultra-portable laptop.

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Using external drives

William Silvert's picture

Most external drives come formatted NSFT for Windows. How do you reformat them for use with Linux? I tried userformat but that didn't do the job. Memory sticks seem to work fine on both Windows and Linux, but not hard drives.

odd item in middle of screen

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Theres an odd star like logo in a rectangular box in the middle of my screen that cannot be removed from my acer aspire one, please help?????


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Hi there...Once something has been deleted on an acer aspire one laptop, where do you go to restore it??? Where do all the deleted items go, whether it be from the internet or desktop, is it all lost???

If you mean, "How do I get a

Anonymous's picture

If you mean, "How do I get a document back after I've deleted it by mistake?" (e.g. you've clicked on "delete" not "copy" in a drop-down menu), then click on "Go" in the file manager, and you'll then be able to select "Trash" and that's where it might be. Sorry if this is too simple-minded an answer, but it had me confused and concerned for a few minutes.

You can try and restore your

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You can try and restore your laptop using the recovery cd provided to you when you purchased the laptop.
You would need an external USB cd drive

How do I configure my Acer one aspire to print wireless printer

Action Jackson's picture

I just purchased a ACER ONE ASPIRE laptop and would like for it to print to my Dell AIO 920 printer?

Any help will be appreciated.



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i've been trying to download skype on my new acer aspire one model zg5 it has linux, i tried to download skype but its telling me to download Ubuntu 7.04-8.04 and i tried but got no where,i would appreciate step by step instructions on how to get skype.

Skype on Linpus

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I installed Skype using the Fedora version.

Acer aspire one Linux

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Recently bought Acer Aspire one Linux but now about 3 months later if I shut the lid or it runs out of battery the screen freezes and becomes coloured and pixelly. (not sure how to describe it) I then have to restart. This is really starting to annoy me.

I though maybe it had a virus but thought that linux couldn't get them....

Is anyone else having similar issues??

same same

geoffshing's picture

I have the same pixelly screen on startup although I do have the internet option but cannot get the homepage. I gave it to a 'computer' repair shop and the guy just looked at me all stoopid and said 'just buy another'! Yeah, thanks clown!

I've tried to figure it out because if i connect and external drive then that works and obviously the internet works........ hmmm so the hard driver here must work?

any ideas?

Thanks for review but have dumb question

Saran's picture

Hi there
Thanks so much for your review as I learned things I didn't know about my Aspire One but I am a bit flummoxed by one thing. I have MSffice on a CD rom, get ths cheap from my work, but have no CD Rom drive -why can't I copy Office onto a USB to install or failing that why can't I find somewhere to hire me a drive for 30 minutes,I live in Auckland NZ and am not very techno savvy as should by now be crystal clear. But would love some heeeellppp.

You can get an external usb

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You can get an external usb CD drive for a resonable price which might be helpful. You would then be able to do many other things which you would need a CD drice for - e.g. rip audio CDs - as well.

acer aspire

Al's picture

I own a acer and was told that it didnt need a anti virous program , is that true ? and is there a spell checker for the e-mail

you need virus protection

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you need virus protection for windows. If you are running a linux distro, you should be fine.

It's a myth. You do need

Eddieboy's picture

It's a myth. You do need antivirus for linux.

Try AVG free or Avast

change password root

farrel's picture

How to example type new password for change password root

how to download skype onto aspire one acer notebook

Anonymous's picture

i have tried to download skype but it says that i need a password how do i get this password
or is there any other way to do ths

how to download the skype into acer aspire one??

diods's picture

how to download the skype into acer aspire one??

linux on acer aspire one dual boot

mikeinvabeach's picture

i have the aspire one net book. i have installed ubuntu and came to find out thats the wireless took a few steps to get working but after that was still no reliable...any help on what distro will recognize the wireless card in my acer would be lots of help..i want to dual boot with windows hate to do that but need it for work purposes

thank you so much


linux on aspire one

def's picture

The flavor of linux that comes stock on the linux version acer aspire one is linpus linux. The initial xcfe gui is very basic and handicapped but if you search google for linpus tips and tricks you should easily find how to change the desktop to a much more usable desktop. I see a lot of people that get these machines and immedately change the distro to ubutu or other because linpus is a silly looking name. Do not be fooled - the distro of linpus lite that is on your aspire is designed to work with it. There are some small bumps on the road but I have had my aspire for almost a year now and I am very happy with linpus. I am not a guru, but I do have a bit of experience with *nix's.

my advise would be to play with your computer a bit and search google for linux and acer aspire one. You will come up with lots of things to try. Do not be shy about having to reinstall your operating system - once you recover a couple times it will not be so intimidating.
I would also recommend you use your expansion slot (on the left side by the usb) to save any of your help docs or files you download. that way when you have to recover you just pop that card out and do not lose your information.


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Can anyone recommend a printer that will run with the Linux version of the Acer Aspire one? Wi fi would be ideal but it seems that what should be a simple job to research and buy proves to take me down all kinds of roads with really complicated language I don't understand! All i want is a printer that works! I even went into a shop and they scratched their heads in confusion.
Advice gratefully received! Did that lady ever get one for her student daughter?!

acer one

edy's picture

need help..
my wife bought an acer one. it has been over 3 moths and everything is okay but yesterday suddenly its black out.. indicator led is on but screen is blank.
need your advise urge as or any advise of service centere in netherland. coz my wife is studying in den hagg

Try to disconnect the

Anonymous's picture

Try to disconnect the battery and power cable for about ten seconds, then reinstall the battery and power cable. This will hopefully clear the machine. Reboot and see if it comes back up. I am assuming you have a backup of your data... This may force a file system check when the system comes up.

Good luck

Acer Aspire One

Laurie's picture

Hi, I just need basic simple instructions, I feel like an idiot,'s the issue:

I only have a dial up connection. I bought the Acer thinking I could use my dial up, but, as you know that is not the case. How exactly can I get connected via dial up..and if I cannot, what exactly do I have to do to use it wireless?
Also, how do I install AOL into the Acer?



[AtomX]'s picture

Get a usb dial-up adapter, they are readly avalabel online for a low price.

dial up usb adaptor

Brenda's picture

The cheapest I could find was $55.00 plus shipping at amazon for a model # 3095-00-0G dial up usb adabtor. Know where I can get a cheaper one?

Dial-Up External USB Modems

Anonymous's picture

How do you install the external modem if there is no disc drive?

limpus vs. Sandros

ren's picture

hi again,
how to reformat linux limpus to be a sandros os?

acer aspire one w/ linux limpus OS

Anonymous's picture


Can acer aspire one w/ linux limpus OS can use smartbro wireless ?is it possible?

Pls do a reply,

acer Linpus linux

joy's picture

I just puchased an acer linpus linux laptop and I do not have high speed internet or wireless internet where I live how do I or what do I buy to get dial up internet to the connect to the computer?
Thank you!

Dial up on a laptop

Compugeek's picture

I wanted to tell you that I think I know the solution. US Robotics has an external usb modem that may be compatible with Linux. I saw an add about it in PC World. You should be able to find an external modem that Linux can use. The US Robotics modem appears to look like a large flash drive with a usb cord and phone cord hole at the other end. I hope the info helps you. Good luck and happy searching.

Sound driver 4 WinXP

Sadi's picture


I have got one aspire one150 n just changed the OS to WinXp n download all drivers n installed all of them fine part from Sound driver Realtek which it won't install proper(no error durng installation n will restart Win but after all no sound benn installed which i can see in the device manager) so would u plz help if it's possible for u? thx a lot

Changing to WinXP

Anonymous's picture

Can you please let me kniow how you changed to WinXP on aspireone?

Many Thanks

From Linux to Windows XP

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I would like to change the OS in my aspire one from Linux to Windows XP. Can someone tell me how to do this?

RE: Replacing Linux with Win XP

Brian the Engineer's picture

I have the 10" Aspire One with the 6-cell battery, but there was no Linux option, so I'm stuck with Windows. I've tried using it, but my mouse-clicking finger needs to go to emergency due to all the clicking to close annoying pop-up windows. Plus MS power management doesn't work reliably (as with any Windows systems) and often goes into hibernation without warning of low battery (just like on my HP Mini)

I'd love to sell you the Win XP from my Aspire ONE. That vintage OS (or POS) from Redmond is consuming valuable HD space!

I use a computer for business, and cannot afford the time that Windows wastes, let alone the aggravation. XP truly is an operating system for gamers. (and don't even talk about its half-baked mutant offspring, Vista)

How do I set a password on

Aphida's picture

How do I set a password on my Aspire One? When I click Preferences, there's a place where I can CHANGE a password, but not SET one. Help, please????????? Thanks

if you are running linux

Anonymous's picture

if you are running linux type passwd at the command prompt. I do not run windows, but I am sure there is some doodad somewhere to.


stacey's picture

hi i was wondering if anybody can help me.
i had a acer aspire one laptop baught for me for christmas and can't remember what my password is for it!
is there any way of finding out what it is??
i have tried various passwords that i could think it could be and just havn't got a clue!


Sadi's picture

Hello Dear,
turn ur ntebook on and go to boot menu option, then go to safety mode. from there you can go to user file n remove ur password.
hope u get somewhere that u can solve this if not then reply I might can suggest something else. good luck

Root Password

Anonymous's picture

Can anyone please tell me how i find out the root password as i have not set any passwords onto my Acer? I would like to install some software but am being asked for a 'Root Password'?


Kaustubh Dighe's picture

I purchased a New ACER Aspire One Laptop and it says that you can connect to Internet Via WIFI.
I followed all the steps but I am not able to connect to any Wifi Connection.
When I asked ACER Support they said I need to have a wirless hub and need to talk to Virgin as they will provide it.
When I asked Virgin they said that thier signals are only compatible with Xp, Windows 2000 or Vista. But no linux.
Now I am really confused whether I buy a wireless router or not
Secondly how do I connect to Internet through wifi or lan whatever?
Geri please can you help.

Kaustubh Dighe

same problem

carlito's picture

hi Kaustubh Dighe
i hava same problem
just wont to know did u get it work
can virgin are tell me some kind of story
i rely dont know what to do

will you please HELP me


Virgin are talking nonsense.

Anonymous's picture

Virgin are talking nonsense. The signals are not compatible with any operating system, they need only be compatible with the receiver in your machine. Which they will be. What Virgin probably mean is that they don't know how to set up your networking software with Linux.

I have recently purchased

Anonymous's picture

I have recently purchased Acer Aspire one. I have tried to transfer music via the usb with my memory stick and i pod. It keeps coming up with this code.

Mplayer: \"Cannot find codec for audio format 0x6134706D.\"

Have contacted acer and they have given me a 0906 number to ring, unfortunately there is no dial tone to this number.

Please could you advise me.

Thank you

Codecs are not installed

Srinivas Dhulipala's picture

The problem seems to be that the codecs required to play the media are not present or properly installed. Install K-Lite codec pack and that should take care of the issue.


oliver.clark's picture

hi i got a acer aspire 1 for xmas but im having a huge problem. see i got the laptop to do my homework and my school work but its not printing anything off. ive tried searching for loads of different printers that are compatable with it but i cant find one. i really need to sort this problem out so if you do know please tell me.


Anonymous's picture

You have probably solved your problem by now but I wanted to tell you about my printer which works great...
I have an old HP laserjet 1100 and the Aspire Printed perfectly to it right out of the box. It is on my windows machine and home network. I am using a wireless linksys router. It is cool to print a document from the Acer with no wires! I think the hp printers are pretty good with Linux. I suggest you check out HP printers. Or you could save your files to a thumb drive and print them elsewhere.
Good luck.

Acer Aspire One problem

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My girlfriend has bought a netbook Acer Aspire One with linux o/s on it. i don't know what’s she's done, but the task bar at the bottom has gone. There is a star in a box saying "new item not yet configured". it won't tell me how to re-configure the item or what item needs configuring. Any help on this getting the task bar back and getting rid of the box would be great!

The first step would be to

Anonymous's picture

The first step would be to type 'xfce-setting-show' in the terminal interface, your xfce settings manager should pop up,

click on the "panel" icon to access the panel manager

in panel manager interface click the drop down and delete (using the "-" button beside the drop down) all panels EXCEPT for panel 1.

This should fix the problem, hopefully this helps

Thanks for your reply and

Anonymous's picture

Thanks for your reply and the info. I have the same problem, and would like to give your suggestion a go.

BUT Where how do I find the "terminal interface"?

All I have is a display of "friendly" icons for mail, browsing etc....