Remote Application Deployment with NX

The X Window System is a magnificent platform for many uses, but using it to run an application over a slow network is nearly impossible. This is an introduction to NX, a technology that makes remote applications fly even over commodity internet.

Video by Elliot Isaacson.


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Diagrams incorrect

Joshua Rodman's picture

Your original diagram shows an x "client" connecting to an X server on one
machine, which talks to an X server on another system, which then
communicates with the input (keyboards mice) and output (display).

This is not how X works.

The x "client" talks to an x "server" running on the location where the
keyboard and mouse are located. There is only one "x server" in a
traditional arrangemnt A program which wishes to open a graphical interface
links against the X libraries, but does not communicate with any other
processes on its local machine in order to reache the display.