Locating Your Laptop With Dynamic DNS

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

Today I show you how services like no-ip.com can help you locate your missing laptop.


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Static vs Dynamic

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I can setup static IP addressing thru dynamic IP.

thanks for this video was

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thanks for this video was great, now i will be able to find my laptop

another idea for finding lost laptop

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If you have access to an apache log, put something like:

wget http://www.mydomain.com/mylaptop.html

into rc.local..

that way, you can grep later that log file and look for "mylaptop" in there.. in front of that, you'll get the IP address..

No need to pay for some silly service :)


Are you serious?

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"Dynamic DNS" as you call it has been out there for a while already, and is indeed a very useful service.
But "finding a lost/stolen" laptop is by far not the best use you could give to it..

If your tip at least included a "remote access to your machine, take a snapnshot with the embedded camera and email it to yourself", you could even have got away with it. But this.. frankly..

Prey project

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Also check out the prey project.

It can send you a screenshot of the running desktop, or even take a picture of the thief via your web-cam. if there’s no active internet connection to send the information, prey will attempt to connect to the nearest open wifi access point available.



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Pray Project looks excellent -- thanks for the tip.
I love that webcam-snap idea :)