Linux Journal Live! - Netbook Showdown


The October 23, 2008 Linux Journal Live! Editor Shawn Powers and Linux Journal author (and long time KDE contributor) Jes Hall discuss the ins and outs of mini notebooks, and compare several models.

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My Netbook World

My Netbook World's picture

Thanks for the great info.

Netbook reviews

Carlie Fairchild's picture

In the video Shawn and Jes make reference to recent past Linux Journal netbook reviews. Here's a quick list of them:

Review: Acer Aspire One (video)

Review: HP 2133 Mini-Note (video)

Eee PC, 4 Months Later

Review: Asus Eee PC | Linux Journal (video)

Hacking the Eee PC


Carlie Fairchild is the publisher of Linux Journal.

Cool Vid.

mehdi's picture

I watched the video thinking it was about Xen networking but it was all right ...
The guy at the end of the video (playing guitar) was funny...heh but as long as I have been a sys admin (and I have been since 1992)I never made a stupid comment or was too lazy to answer a call and always gave it my best with a smile. no matter how "dumb" the problem was. There are no dumb problems or questions in the field.
I also value my own privacy so I never looked into others folders/emails or any thing else even if I had to go in there..(I looked the other way or unfocused my yes and never read their stuff).
I think that was the reason I was always loved by my coworkers and even ppl whom I didnt know (they would know me?).
So my advice to the sys admins is to be strong and smart bcs the weak/lazy and dumb act like they are smart and strong but they are not really and it shows (with their attitude) and even those whom you think are dumb, know this fact (but what about you?)... lol ;-)
just my 2 cents worth of advice...

System Administration

Bornagain A Theist's picture

While I have not had the opportunity to enjoy a long career as a system administrator, I have been a professional accountant since 1972. I very much admire the ethics that "mehdi" claims to possess, both work and personal. I do not wish to detract from that.

What concerns me, for the sake of the young people coming up is how someone who can put so much thought into the fabric of morality and to an intellectual pursuit of computers could allow himself to be influenced to resort to the shortcut language of texters. Surely people is better than ppl and because better than bcs. No matter how convenient those little shortcuts are on tiny keyboards, they come across as very lame or in some cases, tools for the illiterate.


The Song

Shawn Powers's picture

Yeah, I figured the song was pure, simple hyperbole. Honestly, even if I was creepy enough to be unethical -- I just don't have the time. I'm too busy trying to keep the computers going.

The one exception is the porn. I work at a school, so attempts to view pornography are automatically sent to the tech department from our web filter, and then to the administration. I remember before web filters were advanced, I used to have to track down inappropriate site visits based on proxy logs and take screenshots for proof. That was an awkward, and disgusting part of my job. :(

Shawn Powers is a Linux Journal Associate Editor. You might find him on IRC, Twitter, or training IT pros at CBT Nuggets.