Installing Webmin: for admins that like it GUI

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Webmin's best feature

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I think the best part of Webmin is the "Cluster" ability. When I started with my current employer, they were getting a bunch of Red Hat boxes. I didn't have a problem maintaining each one, but the Senior admin wanted a way to touch all the boxes at once.

The Cluster ability allows you to maintain multiple boxes at one time. Usually I use the cluster command line option. I can get stats, find out who's on what, who has an account on what, and look for different things with grep and find at the same time across all the boxes.

Granted we only have about 150 Linux servers in our company, but the tool has made easier to maintain all of them. Even with the tool, I still log into a lot of the boxes and do commands at those locally but when I'm looking for something I prefer Webmin

Good one for the Newbie administrator

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Nice tool!