Google Tasks Tray

Shawn Powers shows us how to use the program "alltray" to put applications up in the system tray, even if they're not designed to do so. Shawn demonstrates with Google Tasks and Prism, but you can use it for whatever program you like.


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Made it to Lifehacker

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Shawn, you made it to lifehacker! Congrats!

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most!

awesome tip

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great tip. Thanks.

tech tips return

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whoa! good thing that your back with the tech tips! :)

For Apps users..

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For Google Apps users, the URL for Tasks is


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Hi !

Shown Powers, you are newly in Linux Jornal ? Thats very good ! lool
I miss you, your tech tips of the day ... ! lool
Its good to see you can back ! lol


Maybe another example,

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Maybe another example, non-prism, maybe, it would have been better for avoiding the complexity of messing up parameters for xulrunner and/or alltray...

But interesting nevertheless, I've never heard of this program.

You can do something similar

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You can do something similar with python, webkit and gtk (or another gui widget tookit).

import gtk
import webkit
import gobject

def destroy(widget, data=None):

window = gtk.Window()
scroller = gtk.ScrolledWindow()
browser = webkit.WebView()

window.set_title("My WebApp") #sets the window title
window.resize(800, 600) #sets the window size
scroller.add(browser)"") #sets the url of the webapp

window.connect("destroy", destroy)

This should work with the default flavor of Ubuntu. If you are using something else, you just need to make sure python, webkit, and gtk are installed.

Sorry line 6

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Sorry line 6 'gtk.main_quit()' should have been indented.

def destroy(widget, data=None):


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dude this is cool how it worked. but could you help if there's an easy way to set the icon that shows up in the taskbar? Cuz that'd be awesome. If not don't worry about it...thanks for the tip!

It looks like there is a way

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It looks like there is a way to specify the icon alltray uses with the -i option.
This worked for me.

alltray python /path/to/ -i /path/to/icon.png -st -na

Loved the tip

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Also loved your bumper sticker "Driver carries no cash"

Loved the tip

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and the bumper sticker