Firefox Addon: It's All Text

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

Download in .ogv format


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Where have all the grammar nazis gone

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I can't believe no one commented on the fact that "alot" is not a word. What's this world coming to anyway. Back in the good ol' days, there would be 100+ comments on that issue alone.

Anyway, thanks for the tip Mitch. I actually like it a lot and use it often. However, I chose Vim as my editor of choice ... let the flame war begin. :-)

(TPFIC = Tongue placed firmly in cheek)

Just Wait

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It will be someday, it's just a matter of time, ain't it?

Mitch Frazier is an Associate Editor for Linux Journal.

Thanks. Very nice

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See above :)

Nice! But where's the link?

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Very cool. Just installed it and am testing it out with this comment.

Btw, from time to time you feature interesting software in some of these videos, but you never leave any links. I generally can find whatever your featuring with a quick visit to Google, but a direct link in the video description would be nice.

For anyone interested, the link for the It's All Text! add-on is

Consider me Reminded

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I will do that in the future.

Mitch Frazier is an Associate Editor for Linux Journal.