Donate CPU Cycles with Boinc

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How to set up Boinc to donate your idle CPU time to your favorite cause. Help cure a disease or end global warming with your computer's downtime!

Download in .ogg format


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Easy way to manage BOINC and find new projects

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I would like to bring to light GridRepublic ( to those who want to use BOINC or do use BOINC. It provides an easy way to get started and a great way to discover new projects. Its aim is to bring BOINC to the mainstream public, but is a good all around use and could use some computer and web savvy people to help accelerate their efforts. If you want to help multiple projects and/or have multiple computers running BOINC it allows you to manage what is run from the website with a single login rather than for each project having to login on separate websites to manage the details. GridRepublic is a nonprofit working in collaboration with BOINC to make joining and participating simple. Enjoy!

If you use (like me) boinc

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If you use (like me) boinc with many project, i recommend an account manager like boicstats ( so you can manage all your projects' accounts and all your computers that use boinc with one boincstats account.