Creating Bootable USB Install Drives with UNetbootin

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How to use UNetbootin to automatically create a bootable USB drive with one of many available Linux distributions.

Download in .ogg format


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Bootable USB

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How do I convert this application to install & execute from a MAC?

I love this idea because I burn iso's all the time.

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I love this idea because I burn iso's all the time & sometimes with the Linux Distro's updating constantly,it then gets really tiring burning cd after cd,not to mention the cd recycle pain. God I love Linux & this is why,because they always come up with the most innovative idea's,I love this idea & I will be using this.

Perfect Timing!!

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Perfect Timing!!


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Fucking awesome! I'm gonna try it out asap :) Thanks!

Perfect Timing!

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I've been researching how to do this over the last couple of days. This is even better than any of the solutions I'd come up with yet.

Other ISO images?

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Wouldn't this work with any bootable ISO? Is there something special about a Linux ISO on a thumbdrive?

yeah, you can use any ISO.

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yeah, you can use any ISO. See the radio button in the middle of the user interface next to "Diskimage"? It lets you specify an ISO which is on your hard drive.