Commandline 101: Using top

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How to use the top command.

Download in .ogv format


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top help

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I've used top many times, but always felt a bit confused by the interface. Press "h" for help ... wow, don't know why I never tried that. All I ever knew how to do was use < and >. Thanks for a great tech tip!


Tuxly_Tuxford_McTuxtington's picture

Another good tip, Shawn!

Users may also want to check out htop, which is in the Ubuntu repositories. It's the same thing as top, just a bit prettier and (in my opinion) easier to grasp at a glance.

top and such

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(i don't compile source but...)

it's great for newbies to get little chunks of info. baby steps. good work.

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Awesome Still

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I love the frame that chose for the still frame. :D

"Press K to kill, but be careful!"


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