Commandline 101: man pages

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Dont't forget about apropos

Sorin G.'s picture

I use apropos "keyword". For instance, if I'm looking for a disk partitioning tool, I write apropos disk, and then search for info on commands which are being shown with man. I guess that the difference between apropos and man -k is that the former shows you only commands, while the latter shows you both commands and...well,other stuff.

mind blowing

flip's picture

I use man and didn't know about the -k argument. That will make my life easier, thanks

Exit from a man page

Anonymous's picture

I know I had problems exiting from a man page when I first started using linux, so I think you should have mentioned that to exit just hit the "Q" key.

Good Call

Shawn Powers's picture

Yes, it's those little things I try to remember when I'm doing these videos. After so many years, we do it without thinking. Thanks for pointing it out.


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