Check for Bad Memory with memtest86

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Memtest86 is great!

Jim C's picture

I'd like to second the comments made here about Memtest86. It is a fantastic tool (although I recommend the "plus" edition, Memtest86+).

This tool has literally saved our bacon dozens of times, not to mention prevented us from pulling out hair on our heads by the fistful. Big giant kudos to the developers who have invested their hard work into this fantastic app!

Jim C.

Does this stuff really have to be video?

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Does this stuff really have to be video? A text article is much easier to quickly scan for the meat.

memory testing applications

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memtest86+ is also available, its based on memtest86 3.0, supports newer hardware, and includes various improvements.

In addition, there is memtester, which runs within linux but it cannot test the whole RAM amount.

Advanced Clustering Breakin

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Anyone using memtest and having a 64bit-capable machine might also want to check out Breakin. It's a memory testing and system stress testing utility designed for high performance supercomputer beowulf cluster nodes. It also works on your grandmother's machine, provided its 64bit. It's Free Software, and has provoked instabilities that memtest simply didn't reveal. Read about and download the ISO or netboot package from