Amazon MP3 Downloader for DRM-free Albums

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

Download in .ogv format


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theillien's picture also provides a Linux version of their downloader. All of their music is DRM-free. Granted, their catalog isn't as expansive but they have a good selection of lesser known and niche styles. Hopefully Amie Street follows suit soon. They have a great selection of Indie.

Alternate downloader

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You might want to do a second tip discussing CLAMZ,, which is an open-source downloader which works where the Amazon providing one does not, for example, the latest Fedora release.


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Clamz is fantastic! I came to the site to recommend it when I read the Amazon thing in the mag.

No sound

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I always use the .ogv format to watch these most interesting casts.
Since a few casts I don't have any sound???
Is this me?
I use the FF 3.5.3 on window XP and this plays the ogv files inside the browser.
I did not change anything on my PC's (the ogv file is soundless both at work and at home)
It used to play Ok but since a few casts back no sound.

I hope this can be fixed.


No sound

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I noticed that downloading the clip and playing it in VLC solves my issue.
Must be something wrong with native video playback in firefox 3.5.3 it used to work before.


For 64bit users

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Amazon does not have a 64bit version of their application, for those feeling left in the cold there is clamz

The 32-bit version of the

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The 32-bit version of the Amazon downloader runs fine on 64-bit.

But requires 32 bit

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But requires 32 bit libraries that not installed on a 64 bit distro.

So it won't run fine on a 64 bit system unless you do more work.

nice, but...

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You have to be in the USA to use this service. Might just as well be with DRM.