Add Bookmarks for Changing Directories in Konsole

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Use can also use pushd and

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Use can also use pushd and popd, Its not exactly like bookmarks, but quite helpful.

does that work across shells?

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does adding a bookmark in Konsole allow another shell to use that bookmark? if so, awesome. I'm using Gnome and I didn't see that dropdown menu in the terminal.

Another alternative for "bookmarks" I recently found useful was combining the commands:
pushd and dirs.

For instance, following your example:
cd /var/log
pushd .
cd ~

# issue dirs -v will show you directores you've pushed down
# should display something like
# 0 ~
# 1 /var/log
dirs -v

# cd back to /var/log or 1 in the dirs list.
cd ~1

Other Shells: Yes, Other Terminals: No

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You could use it with another shell (eg csh, ksh, or dash) as long as the shell uses "cd" to change directories, but it won't work in another terminal program, which is what gnome-terminal is (the GNOME Terminal program). This is a Konsole feature, which is "independent" of the shell you're running inside Konsole, and which has nothing to do with the shell or with other terminal programs. Konsole implements this by sending a "cd" command to the shell that is running.

Mitch Frazier is an Associate Editor for Linux Journal.